Judy Kleuser

I was blessed to be at the door when your brother and sister-in-law brought your book to the library at our church. I have read it; not being able to put it down for hardly time to sleep. It certainly opened my eyes to many levels of understanding through your research. I too, spent many agonizing years seeking to know where my daughter and three grandchildren were. When my fourth grandchild ended his earth life, I had been Seeking truth with the Unity Church and I knew that were all on another journey. Thank you so much for your work, and for sharing it with the world.

Margaret: reader, teacher, and writer...

A Rewarding Reading Adventure Through And Beyond Experiences And Beliefs Regarding The Otherworldly. An intimate glimpse into a personal and family saga through and beyond grief. A well-documented exploration of a great body of literature, beliefs, and cultural practices related to life, death and the mysteries intertwining them. A challenging motivator to openness and transformation in a reader's own journey including encounters with death and dying. FINDING AARON is all these and more. Compelling, intriguing and reassuring.

Kathy Pagano

Whatever your beliefs and/or even if you have not suffered a great loss, I encourage you to read Finding Aaron. Whatever your situation, you will find Inspiration and Peace. Cathy has taken her heart and her resarch to a New Height. Have read it twice. Highly recommend.

Lori Armstrong

I started reading this book just last week, and am going through it again for the 3rd time. I've read plenty of grief books and deep grief will always be with me in the missing of my much loved son Justin. But what i have strived to focus on since that awful phone call, is meeting him where he is now. I've always believed in after death communication, always, so i knew communication was possible. What took a bit of time for me to understand, is that anyone can do this, not just mediums. I hear my son clearly and experience fantastic synchronicities, daily. As long as we are open to it, all of us can do this, if we don't dismiss the signs. Cathy's shares how to document and connect the dots so to speak. I love her in depth knowledge of those from the past, who didn't believe in life after death, but KNEW IT. Cathy's mission is for everyone who is missing a loved one to KNOW they are right here, they didn't go anywhere. Highly, highly recommend this book.

Jo Kline

It takes courage and peace to share a journey so personal, so life-altering. With each day on this mortal plane, we question the "end" to our "means." What will come after life, as those who have gone ahead have already discovered? While our spiritual beliefs may sustain us, beyond "What is the meaning of life?", Cathy Jensen reveals her own quest to answer "What is the meaning of death?" No simple solutions offered here, but a heartfelt and transparent revelation of one person's process of accepting and embracing that there is much more to death than merely no longer being alive.


Finding Aaron urges us to explore alternative ways of understanding and navigating our world, and to think beyond conventional thought when it comes to the physical death of a loved one. Every reader will take something different away from this unique book – whether it’s a message of hope, the discomfort of challenging deep-seated cultural norms, or a newfound spark of curiosity about life beyond death. The author pursues wonder and meaning in the face of personal tragedy, and encourages us to stay open to alternative explanations of the unknown.


This is a great read for anyone who has loved someone and lost them. This could be a movie. Makes you Laugh makes you cry, what more could you ask for . After you read it I guarantee you will hug everyone you love. Great easy read !!

John Busbee-Culture Buzz

Author Cathy Jensen’s powerful, personal, and eye-opening book, “Finding Aaron,” is an open-hearted invitation to explore the theme of death through Cathy’s lens as she shares an intense journey of love through death, giving us all much to consider about a subject that too many find difficult to broach. Through the death of her son, Jensen has opened her world to unimaginable life and hope – and given a refreshing jolt to the reader to consider a new way to think of death.

Pat McManus

I received this book recommended by a long time friend. My friend told me that Finding Aaron actually helps parents whose children have died. He said, "It touched me deeply. For the first time since my son died, I didn't feel alone." This is a book about a woman refusing to obey the Western taboo about death; about refusing to behave properly so that everyone else can "feel okay." It is about not keeping up appearances and not keeping her mouth shut about what she was learning about death. Find out about it for yourself. Finding Aaron shows you how. I suggest you give it a try.

Rosemary Butler

I just finished reading Finding Aaron. This book opened my eyes to a realm of possibilities I didn't know existed. The research and thought processes that went into the book were compelling and real. I now entertain many new theories of spirituality. The thought that consciousness is not soly dependent on a material brain is mind blowing and opens up the need to explore how consciousness exists after the body ceases to exist. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one or is just searching for truth. My sincerest thanks to the author and her son Aaron for a provocative read.

Chris Jensen

After reading my Cousin Cathy's Book, Finding Aaron I realized several things. One of those things is that She is a very Intelligent and Educated Woman who I am Very Proud of!! Finding Aaron woke something up in me that had been lying dormant for some time. Openness to other beliefs different from the norm and that coincidences may not be coincidences at all but messages from loved one's in ways that only a open heart and mind can understand. I loved the Book!!! I feel it will help me understand, or open my heart and mind to learn and listen to what I may have shrugged off as just a coincidence! Thank You Cousin for writing this Book and sharing your experiences. You are Loved by many and your Son Aaron is with You Forever!! Love, Cousin Chris. Born at 2:22 in the afternoon. Just FYI!

Lori Prier

I was absolutely intrigued by this book! I have felt the presence of lost loved ones for a long time....but still found myself questioning whether I was just creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. This book, the author’s experiences, and all the research she put into her work has helped to validate everything I’ve experienced! I HIGHLY recommend “Finding Aaron”.... it will leave you feeling that death is not the end!


Great book! Made me feel better about a lot of things! I didn’t put this book down! I related so much to many things and it helped me with my own feelings about life and death.

Chris Mantle

I found this book to be like reading 2 books in one.-When I read it the first time, I was absorbed in the story of a mother's painful journey following the death of her son. The second time I read it I found myself in a much wider circle as it opened doors to past experiences I have had and I remembered the dreams I had before my grandmother and my father-in-law died. I reflected on little glimpses of knowing I have had following the death of my father and nephews. This book is rich in tools if you want to explore the belief there is more to death than dying. The tools are both intellectual and from the heart.

Kim Ralston

This book shows how to find a loved one after they have passed from this physical realm. It is a great insight into a mother's journey and how you, too, can find your own loved ones in the spiritual realm. I found this book to be uplifting and informative and I would recommend it to everyone, because as you know, we are all going to pass into a new dimension one day.

Veronica Kane

If the thought of death frightens you; if the very thought of losing a loved one to death is unbearable, this book is a must read. It challenges our thoughts about death, about how we talk about it, and about what we even think it means. I was blown away by this book and by the author's passion and intellect; her argument makes so much sense, and she provides a wealth of supporting documentation and evidence of her thesis: Life is a continuum of consciousness, that includes our birth and our death, but that does not limit us to the time frame in-between. Read it and discover, not something new to believe in, but something as old as time that you can know and recognize as truth: Death is not the end.

Judith Cobb

I just finished reading FINDING AARON and it is a perfect combination of religion/spirituality and science blended together to bring our Christian consciousness up to date to a healthier level, trying always to better understand and connect to the Life Force that we call God. Many of us sought during the 80 and 90s to increase our consciousness like our past generations (hippies) sought through drugs. Here is a well researched and amply documented book to lead us to a higher level of consciousness by providing easy to understand exercises.


This book is therapeutic for those who are grieving or have experienced great loss. It allows you to explore death in a way that is uplifting and curious. I have felt the presence of my lost loved ones at times, but you’re not sure if it’s real. Finding Aaron, is well-researched and it makes you re-think doubt for reality.

Razi Saydjari, MD, FACS

A mother loses her 37-year-old son; an event that leaves unfathomable psychological scarring. In Cathy Jensen’s case, it begins a comprehensive journey of discovery into the realm of the spiritual world and the many bridges between that world and our materialistic world. It is as much an academic writing as it is a documentation of her personal experience. This book requires an open mind and will force you to reconsider your false notions of consciousness. The reward to the open mind is the safe harbor of knowing that death is not a terminal event but rather a transition of consciousness.