Introduction to Opening-door Events

Leif Eric Jensen Ralston
Opening-door events are "out of the ordinary" experiences so obviously associated with our loved ones who have died that to deny them is a betrayal to those whose disappearance brought such pain that the only sensible solution seemed to be to die to join them…

Deathbed Visions - Uncle Jim

Death Bed Visions Berret
Deathbed Visions: On June 15, 1980 my uncle Jim Jensen died. His brother Bob wrote a loving biography about Jim, which he titled, A Stolen Life. Our culturally shared view of death is given expression as Bob describes what he feels to be Jim's "last moments":…


Leif Eric Jensen Ralston
“The verification of the fact of telepathy, indicating obscurely a kind of dislocation between mind and body, was undoubtedly impressive, so that it began to seem probable, especially under (Frederic) Myers’s tuition, that the two –mind and body – were not inseparably connected…

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Experiences such as precognitive dreams, premonition of death, symbolic use of numbers, hypnogogia, spontaneous channeling of veridical information by children, professional mediumship, obvious glitches in the world of matter, have made their way into our conscious awareness and as time allows, will be shared on these pages.