About Us

Mission 7255 is one step in our on-going efforts to shatter the death taboo ruling the West. By motivating others to go beyond their beliefs to acquire truth about death for themselves, conversations about what death means begin. Our methods include:

  • making the millenniums-long research demonstrating that consciousness is not produced by, nor restricted to, the brain easily available.

  • popularizing the confident use of the various products declaring the key insight to life: “Death is not a dead end.”

  • offering workshops with game-like activities to bring our unconscious beliefs and fears about death into the light.

  • funding The Aaron Schaffer Jensen Family Foundation, a 501C Working Charity for the creation of beautiful out-door spaces complete with wooded areas, picnic tables, horse-shoe pits, croquet, volley ball, and badminton courts. Our “animated gardens” will also offer games and activities to help families work together to get beyond the pain of our current Western beliefs about death.