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This is a foundation with a simple, but difficult mission: to motivate YOU to acquire truth about death, for yourself.

Acquiring a truth for yourself is a very different process than accepting a belief. The truth that we are concerned with here, is the one that has been shouted from every wisdom tradition known to humanity since shouting began.

This truth has been largely dismissed by those who call themselves secular and is largely misunderstood by those who call themselves religious.

Bridging the abyss between belief and knowledge to acquire this truth for oneself is a hero's journey. It requires courage, commitment, and unconditional love. This quest, as with all quests, has threshold guardians blocking your progress at every turn. The threshold guardians in this quest are your unconscious beliefs, caught like the flu from your community.

Unconscious beliefs are very difficult to confront and even more difficult to transcend. But, for those who do, there is a great boon. One that is as vitally important for those we call “the dead” as it is for those we call “the living.”

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