The Secular Dismissal

death is not a dead end
My most important step in acquiring the truth that death is not a dead end took me years to complete. As it was also the most pain-relieving step so far, I highly recommend it: GET ACQUAINTED WITH YOUR UNCONSCIOUS BELIEFS ABOUT DEATH. Below is the short version.

I was recognizing communication from Aaron after his passing. Each time I carefully documented the details of these experiences ̶ which I call opening-door events ̶ a deep peace would assure me that I would never again doubt that communication from the dead was real. But I always did. And there I would be, treading water, sinking fast, head barely above the terribly quick sand, yet again.…

The Religious Misunderstanding

death is not a dead end
As a child, I faithfully repeated, “I believe in the communion of saints.” As an adult I dismissed it as nonsense. I only got interested in investigating it when my son Aaron died. The impulse came from a Benedictine monk in Spain. Below is the short version.

On November 8, a year and four months after Aaron had died of sudden cardiac arrest, I was in the Basilica of Montserrat, close to Barcelona, Spain. When I saw a monk go into the confessional, the idea came to me to join him. Not to confess anything, but to cry with a captured audience.…