The Secular Dismissal


The Secular Dismissal

My most important step in acquiring the truth that death is not a dead end took me years to complete. As it was also the most pain-relieving step so far, I highly recommend it: GET ACQUAINTED WITH YOUR UNCONSCIOUS BELIEFS ABOUT DEATH. Below is the short version.

I was recognizing communication from Aaron after his passing. Each time I carefully documented the details of these experiences ̶ which I call opening-door events ̶ a deep peace would assure me that I would never again doubt that communication from the dead was real. But I always did. And there I would be, treading water, sinking fast, head barely above the terribly quick sand, yet again.

For years I was on a roller-coaster of wonder and despair, caught in an unbearable fluctuation between knowing that the communication was (somehow) from Aaron, and not being able to understand how Aaron could possibly be communicating. It turns out that my barrier to understanding my experiences was my unexamined, inherited belief in material realism. And I didn’t even know what it was.

Material realism is a theory that declares (never proves) that:

I didn’t know that I believed that the theory of material realism was a fact. I only knew that that pain was killing me. A slow and painful suicide. Calling myself a liar, misled and deluded, I wandered exhausted, lonely, and defeated. Victimized by myself, I badgered others to accept my evidence of communication from the dead so that I could accept it myself.

After years of meticulously documenting opening-door events, obsessively studying similar experiences documented by others, rigorously investigating how communication with the dead was possible, I finally knew that collaboration with the dead does not contradict science. Nor does it contradict any religion for that matter. It only contradicts the theory of material realism with its underlying assumption that the brain produces consciousness.

This cleared the way for a rational investigation and my horrific suffering eased up. Bit by bit. Imagine my surprise at learning that the current post-Newtonian model driving current scientific research validates the ancient spiritual idea that consciousness exists independently of matter. That is: the underlying assumption of the current hypothesis as to the nature of the world we live in, is NOT that everything comes from matter, but that everything, including matter (brain), is a result of the activity of consciousness.

And this makes all the difference in the universe when it comes to working to understand, in rational terms, how a continued relationship with the so-called dead is more than possible.

The process of acquiring any truth is quite important. For those who will not research death, assuming that they already know what little can be known about it, I quote Michel Montaigne, “Nothing is so firmly believed as that which is least known.”

For those who have inherited the true belief that life does NOT end with death, it is also important to go beyond your belief, and go through the process of acquiring the truth of it for yourself. Because it changes YOU. This process of change used to be called, among other things, nurturing spiritual growth. In today’s parlance, it is most often called evolving consciousness. And evolving consciousness/growing spiritually is what we are all here to do.