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To make a very long story short, Mission 7255 represents the collaboration that takes place between the so-called living and the so-called dead.

To discover the fact of this collaboration for yourself is the heart of the Aaron Schaffer Jensen Family Foundation (ASJFF). For the long version of the story, see Finding Aaron, a spiritual practice beyond belief, but for now, …

Collaboration with the dead is as common as the common cold, yet it is rarely mentioned. It is more important that the daily forecast, yet it is never covered on the six o’clock news. It is far more vital to our well-being than the statistics of our favorite sports team or the growth of our investments, yet is almost never discussed. Why is this? How can this be?

To make another long story short - it is because of our unconscious beliefs about what consciousness is, where it comes from, and what happens to it at death. But not only that. It is also because we unconsciously defend all of our unconscious beliefs from any sort of revision. Quite a fine kettle of fish.

Acquiring a truth is very different from unconsciously absorbing a communal belief. Acquiring any truth is a process, and the process changes YOU. In the past, the process of acquiring truth about death was most often called “nurturing spiritual growth.” In today’s parlance, it is most often referred to as “furthering the evolution of consciousness.” We at the ASJFF intend to nurture spiritual growth/further the evolution of consciousness. We invite you to join us as we work to shatter the taboo that envelopes death in a pain beyond words because no one will talk about it. Join us as we seed rational discussions about collaboration with the dead and inspire others to initiate their own quest to acquire truth about death, for themselves.

The path to discovery

I only wish that I had acquired this truth ANY other way than this, but … perhaps there is nothing other than being determined to find Aaron after his passing that could have compelled me to extend my vision far enough to get a glimpse of eternity.

Speaking legally, Mission 7255’s short existence as a limited liability company (LLC) came to an end in October, 2020. Speaking literally, Mission 7255 remains the heart of the Aaron Schaffer Jensen Family Foundation. As an Iowa nonprofit organized as a 501 (c) (3), your donations are greatly appreciated, AND tax deductible.

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