"Finding Aaron: a spiritual practice beyond belief" weaves descriptions of personal accounts and direct experiences of communication with the so-called spiritual world into the scientific research that explains why these types of stories are important. While "Finding Aaron" is a tale of after-death communication, it is also a directory, intended to motivate readers to go beyond their own beliefs about life-after-death and acquire, for themselves, the truth that death is not a dead end.

This is not the tale of a mother's heart-breaking journey of coming to terms with her grief at losing her only child, but the tale of a mother's heart-healing journey of refusing to come to terms with grief at all. The premise of the story: Believe nothing about death. Find out it for yourself.

Digitally pressed on high-quality 70# paper with colored inserts and completed with a 100# 4 color gloss cover, Finding Aaron is priced to make re-sale (and/or gift giving) a viable option when purchased in quantities of 8 or more.

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Finding Aaron

a spiritual practice beyond belief

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